Seth Meyers helps wish Donald Trump a rather unhappy birthday

Seth Meyers

Yesterday was the 71st birthday of President Donald Trump, but all things considered, it was a rather terrible day no matter how you slice it. As Seth Meyers pointed out today in a new Late Night segment, this one wasn’t a whole lot better.

It’s not often that we cover too many of Meyers’ “A Closer Look” segments these days. It’s not so much that these segments are terrible — they’re not, and they do offer some merit and bring a few different things to the table. The primary issue with them is often that they all tend to blur together. It’s what happens when you often have a singular topic in the President, and he does find a way to do some shocking things that merit a segment on a fairly regular basis.

So what makes this one different in some way? Much of that has to do with Seth pulling out that birthday cake and preparing to light it as a celebration of the holiday … before going into the subject of Trump’s obstruction of justice probe. What followed was both funny and informative, provided that you are of the slant that watches Meyers’ show with regularity.

We do imagine at this point that there must be something rather freeing for Meyers knowing that he is getting a chance to come on his show and spoof the Commander-in-Chief all he wants, knowing there is a zero percent chance he will ever appear. That is something that other late-night hosts on network TV have been a little bit more cognizant of. Jimmy Fallon of course already had his infamous Trump moment (and spoke out about it after the fact); Stephen Colbert had him on the show in the past, but it definitely now appears as though that big orange train has left the station.

After watching this segment, the question that we have for you is this: Does a birthday cake do enough for you to separate this from the wide array of other “A Closer Look” segments that are out there? Do all of these blend together somewhat in your mind? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment below.

Meanwhile, head over to the link here to get some additional news right away when it comes to Late Night and the entire franchise. (Photo: NBC.)


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