Better Call Saul season 3 finale photos: A tale of two brothers

Better Call Saul season 3Some of the first Better Call Saul season 3 finale photos are now online, and they feature Jimmy and Chuck McGill in very different places.

When it comes to Jimmy, you can see him clearly in a serious state of concern … but over what? This could be his reaction when he realizes the state of Kim Wexler, who was seriously injured at the end of this past episode. She was burning the candle at both ends, and eventually those two ends met and there was nothing left for her. He may be feeling some regret over how he hasn’t been attentive enough to her problems; or, maybe he just feels regret over the precise way in which the situation ended. Either way, this is the sort of situation that is going to come to a head in the finale, and hopefully it will lead to Kim still having a presence on the show.

Do we think that Kim can probably do better off than someone like Jimmy who is so self-serving and is on a dark path? Sure, but it’s also hard to say goodbye to Rhea Seehorn and her character on the show since she brings an important dynamic to the story. This leaves us into a tough position going into the final episode.

Meanwhile, the second photo below features another important character in Jimmy’s brother Chuck, who finds his future at odds for a different reason: HHM. He’s being forced out of his old job, so what is he going to do about it? If we know one thing about Chuck, it’s that he will probably go down kicking and screaming, which is precisely what we started to see him do on this past episode when it comes to threatening to sue Howard and his firm to get everything that he felt like he ultimately was owed. If Chuck does get some sort of grade-A settlement out of this, this could be an opportunity for him to take that money and go off and retire somewhere by the ocean without a care in the world … but he probably won’t do that because he’s Chuck and it would be far too easy for him to do that.

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(Photo: AMC.)

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