Summer Status Report: Where is Mr. Robot season 3?

Robot season 3While there are many quality series premiering on TV this summer, it makes sense that there would still be a few questions here. Take, for example, the one at the heart of this article: Where is Mr. Robot season 3? Are we going to get a chance to see that show on the air before long?

While it would’ve been nice to see the show’s ten-episode run resumed in July of this year, that is unfortunately not going to be the case this time as season 3 is not set to air until a little bit later this year. The show was pushed back to fall, which shouldn’t be a surprise when you think about some of the buzz that’s been out there with this show for a little while now. Given how dense the story is and that creator Sam Esmail puts so much into it as a writer and director, he needs the time necessary in order to make it perfect. If you’re looking for a precise time, know that the show will be back in October — also, know that Boardwalk Empire favorite Bobby Cannavale is going to have a major role to play, which is another reason for excitement.

From start to finish, the biggest reason for excitement over Mr. Robot season 3 is a chance to see the continued evolution of some of these characters, and also a chance to see if Elliot can ever form some more natural connections to his surrounding world. Hopefully, at this point he also forms a more natural connection with many of the people in the audience. As excellent as season 3 may have been by and large, there was a significant issue in how long the show waited before revealing the truth about where Elliot really was for much of the story. Had that come a good two or three episodes earlier, it could have been a far more effective reveal.

When do you want to see Mr. Robot season 3 come on the air? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment below!

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