The Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay contender Peter Kraus’ Bachelor campaign started years ago

Bachelorette episode 2In a pretty short period of time, Peter Kraus has established himself as not just one of the favorites to win Rachel Lindsay’s heart on The Bachelorette, but also a potential star of The Bachelor in the event he’s not chosen. He’s got so much of what this franchise is ultimately looking for — he comes across as humble, attractive, and he is in the age range for the sort of guy that ABC loves to name the star of the show.

What may now surprise many people is that as it turns out, Peter has wanted this particular role for a rather long span of time. In a new post on his own Instagram, Peter made it very much clear that being a part of Bachelor Nation is something that’s been a big part of his life for a rather long time. This was something fun he put out into the universe, and now he’s actually getting a chance to make part of that a reality.

Are there probably some people out there who are going to take this cynically, and view it as some sign that he’s been chasing fame for a long time now? Probably, but we don’t think that it has to be that malicious. To us, it’s kind of funny that he’s been aware of this show for so long, especially since all the way back then they weren’t even really casting normal people as the leads. If he does end up becoming the Bachelor down the road, this is something that they can put in his opening package for a laugh or two.

If Peter is announced at the next Bachelor, he will likely be announced later this summer. For now, our advice is fairly simple: Keep watching. There is a new episode of the show airing on ABC Monday night!

If you do want to get some further news right now on The Bachelorette on what’s coming up on the next episode, just be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: ABC.)

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