Reign series finale spoilers: Was it more about the high points?

Reign series fianleWhen you look at the Reign series finale trailer below, and then analyze much of the buildup that led to it, one thing feels clear: The show may have needed another season. It feels like we JUST got to Scotland, and there is so much more of Mary’s story still to tell.

How in the world is the show going to wrap all of this up in a single episode? There is no way that they can. Instead, perhaps the show is just bringing to a place where the beginnings of Mary’s downfall will occur. Clearly, they’re not focusing on her execution unless there is some massive flash-forward in the closing minutes. This is without even mentioning what happens with Darnley and some of the developments that follow that in Mary’s personal life leading up to her losing so much of what she had. Mary, Queen of Scots will be no more.

Yet, was this show really about her downfall? In retrospect, it’s easy to say not so much. This was a show more about her triumphs, what she overcame, and how she found a voice and tried to lead a people? While she was far from the perfect ruler, she ruled in the best way that she knew how. She took no prisoners, and tried to get others to follow along in her stead. She was brave when she needed to be.

If you think of this show as more of the journey to get her to this point, maybe the ending won’t feel so incomplete. We don’t blame the writers in retrospect for taking their time on characters like Francis, given that at that point, they had to have been hoping for a six-season run and wanted to build towards that. If they had those six years, maybe you would have seen more of the end. This is why it’s also hard to blame them for not rushing through the final season. This was the tone and the style of Reign, and they stuck to it.

Hopefully, the final episode will be emotional, and maybe it will be a launching pad for some out there to open a history book and actually read up further on what happened to Mary through it.

What do you want to see on the Reign series finale? Be sure to share some of your personal hopes for the episode in the attached comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want some additional news now when it comes to the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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