NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee: How will life after marriage look?

McGeeLeading up to the NCIS season finale, the viewers of the popular CBS show saw one of the most popular characters get married. In a small ceremony, surrounded by friends, it was Special Agent Timothy McGee who tied the knot! While fans were thrilled to see McGee focus on his next step in life. Fans are asking what will his life look like after marriage.

The character has always reflected more of a geek focus than others on NCIS. Able to crack codes on computers, write mystery novels, and even enjoy a tech conference (his computer knowledge surpasses many others in the office), McGee gave viewers a more cyber perspective. While the character was in the field often, he balanced his time with focus on computer data when tracking down criminals.

Now that Timothy McGee is married to Delilah, what will life look like after he put a ring on his finger? In real life, when major events happen, it alters how we look at life. People change routines, become more cautious or do different things. In the case of McGee, not only did he get married, he has a child on the way. There is no doubt that the character will be thinking about his family for every decision.

The NCIS season finale had viewers watch as Agent Gibbs and Agent McGee were left behind during an operation. What happens next will kick off the next season. This major event could already be a peek into how Agent McGee moves forward. Never one to shy away from a dangerous situation, it’s possible he might be separated from his wife and the team for a while. He has to prepare for that.

How will Agent McGee change on NCIS?

The action sequence of the final moments of the last season had fans speculating that the situation was dire. Reflecting on how other big moments in the show have been shared, anything’s possible. McGee’s decision to jump out of the helicopter to help Agent Gibbs was another life changing moment, and he has a lot waiting for him at home. Every viewer is hoping the two agents return without incident. Only the writers know the real answer of what happens (and they aren’t telling until the new season of NCIS airs next fall.)

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