Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 18 spoilers: Emison’s lament

Emison's lamentThe Liar’s Lament game has many enemies within the Pretty Little Liars universe at the moment, but there is probably no larger contingent that Emison fans based on the discussion point of this article.

In the video below, an intimate moment for Emily and Ali is interrupted by the sudden presence of the super-creepy board game at their place. They don’t know how it got there or why it got there, but they know it’s probably bad news. It’s the sort of thing that will likely keep haunting them until the series finale airs and everyone gets the chance to breathe again.

So why target Emison in such a way more so than anyone else? Much of that motive can be traced back to the sole idea of unhappiness. A.D. in the end wants the characters suffering, and any moment of happiness that they can deprive of the Liars and Ali is enough to satisfy them. This is an opportunity to do just that, and with Ali and Emily, there may be a further sense of urgency just because they have this new relationship that could easily give them so much joy.

Tormenting the Liars is a distraction, both in terms of the final endgame and from the joy in their life. Let’s hope now that this is ultimately temporary pain for the two and they are able to have a lot of happiness in the finale. After the journey that they’ve been on for the longest time, they certainly now deserve the opportunity to have some normalcy. Here’s the good news — there are only three more episodes to the entire show! That’s not a lot of time for anything to be introduced that could cause a lot of chaos or shake up the very foundation of the series. It’s also not too much time for major relationships between the characters to change. There will likely be happiness for Emison and many of the other characters in the finale; it’s the road getting there that could have some challenges.

What do you think about this sneak peek, Emison’s lament, and the conclusion of this show for their relationship? Share in the comments below!

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