Veep season 6 episode 8 review: Meet Gary’s family

Veep season 6 episode 8 reviewGiven how amazing a character that Gary is, we had a feeling that Veep season 6 episode 8 was going to be hysterical. As it turned out, this proved to be every bit as entertaining as you could have hoped for.

Gary’s Southern parents are almost exactly as you would expect: They were over-the-top, funny at times, but also completely oblivious about the rest of the world. His dad was firmly in the closet, though Gary wasn’t able to see it in the slightest. Also, they seemed to be holding out hope that Gary and the former President would have some sort of romantic relationship. (Maybe they can go join the ranks of all of the Gary / Selina ‘shippers on the internet? You know that group is out there.)

One of the funnier parts of the entire story was seeing Selina Meyer of all people sit Gary down and hand him over a rather-shocking message: He should stand up more to his father and make sure that more of his voice is heard. Granted, she said that while frequently interrupting him in the process. The irony here is that after Selina’s speech, Gary actually felt worse about his relationship with her. She stole his speech; if someone stole your speech, wouldn’t you be mad? Gary’s facial expressions during her tale of her father and the rabbit may be the saddest we’ve seen Tony Hale’s character basically ever.

Selina broke Gary, and then Gary went into a complete tear on him in front of everyone. Maybe Selina actually helped him in some terrible way, though we don’t see him telling her off at any point in the near future. Instead, she was able to get him back on his side enough for them to have some barbecue together at the end of the episode.

Do we want things to change for Gary in due time? Sure, but the dynamic with him and Selina is a part of what makes Veep the show it is. It’s hard to see that change.

The latest on Jonah

He fired Ben, threw a hissyfit over a deal with the President, and also found himself in a position where he was actually gaining traction with something as ridiculous as Daylight Savings Time as a platform. Even though it was completely absurd, it’s getting more and more likely that this guy ends up being President by the end of the series. Also, isn’t that the best metaphor for American politics out there?

As if Jonah trolling all of America was bad enough, he also trolled Dan by going over to CBS This Morning and then giving the interview to his former co-host Jane. It’s too bad for Jonah that this didn’t work, and the government shutdown ended right while he was there doing his interview. Perfect Jonah moment, and somehow the public will probably love him for it.

Final verdict

This episode brought so much when it comes to entertainment, especially since it brought so much variety in its stories. One of the best things about Veep is that it does fluctuate to so many different settings and places. Maybe this wasn’t hilarious enough to be an instant classic, but there were consistent laughs and an introduction to characters we’ve long wanted to see.

Also, Selina may have more funding for her library now thanks to Gary’s story. Grade: B+.

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