Tony Awards 2017: Kevin Spacey spoofs Dear Evan Hansen, Groundhog Day

Tony Awards 2017 The Tony Awards 2017 certainly entered the night with big expectations, given the history of great openings and hosts. Kevin Spacey had his work cut out for him trying to match the likes of great hosts like James Corden, Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman, and many more.

What was a little bit surprising is that Spacey, for his opening number, chosen to have a little bit of fun at the expense of some of the nominated shows, even if they weren’t ones that were universally known. Take, for example, Dear Evan Hansen. The Groundhog Day portion of the number had a little bit more in the way of Broadway appeal. (With that being said, the Ben Platt shot during the Dear Evan Hansen part of this was pretty priceless.)

Also, how about the surprise Stephen Colbert cameo after showing up on stage in a Groundhog mask? We have a feeling that he had to have some nerves about that! He wasn’t the only A-lister to make an appearance during the opening, either, as you also had an opportunity to see an appearance from Whoopi Goldberg and some of her famous facial expressions. Nobody gives reactions quite like Whoopi!

The whole idea of the opening was hardly original, since it by and large played the angle of “Kevin wants to do a good job at this and not screw up.” With that, he looked to all of these other people with some further advice and insight. It was silly and somewhat simple compared to some past openings, but everyone on stage still did a great job with it.

As for Spacey, kudos to him for being able to shatter expectations of him. The thing to remember is that he’s done so much over his career that isn’t House of Cards, but so many people now do remember him mostly for Frank Underwood. Therefore, having him show off his sillier side, wear different costumes, and sing and dance was a very nice change for him. Also, he got a chance to play Norma Desmond by the end.

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