NCIS Los Angeles: Will Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones do more field work next season?

NCIS Los AngelesNCIS: Los Angeles fans definitely are excited for the upcoming season, and with good reason. There is no doubt that Special Agent Sam Hanna will be heavily impacted after losing his wife and the team will be without Assistant Director Owen Granger. This begs the question if Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones will be in the field more next season to help fill in the gaps?

During the last season Nell helped fill in Kensi’s spot for several episodes as she worked as Deek’s partner while the team was searching down leads. Jones helped to take down the bad guys and we had a chance to see her in a role that she’s not all that familiar with. She still brought a tablet to use her epic cyber hacking skills and she seemed ready, willing and able to be in the field every time she was called up.

An interesting element about the NCIS: Los Angeles character is that she is readily becoming more comfortable with lab work and field work. Over the past season she was in complete control when arresting criminals and getting cases solved. This seemed to be a blessing and a curse at the same time as Nell kept moving around.

While Nell and Tech Operator Eric Beale are typically seen in Ops working together through out the seasons, lately it’s been crowded with both characters working the same data using different angles. The intricate banter is delightful for the viewers to watch, but the close proximity has drawbacks too. This has left some fans wondering why the two characters haven’t become as romantically involved like Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks? Another burning question that comes up is why the characters haven’t introduced (or even hinted) that they might be seeing other people?

Nell Jones is tough when working the field

With so many questions unanswered, fans are wondering if Nell Jones will be in the field more next season or could we see her back working in Ops with Eric? Showing that she is capable of handling herself where ever she is placed, it’s not going to be a surprise if we see Nell get significantly more air time (something we would love to see happen!). Agent Hanna might be struggling with his loss more than ever next season, so it seems like a good time for Nell to step in from time to time. She could help fill in the gap to help take down the bad guys out as they come along.

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