Sweet/Vicious season 2 revival still possible, despite MTV cancellation

cancellationOne of the great things about the modern TV era is that cancellation doesn’t always mean a death sentence. Take a look at Longmire, Nashville, Timeless, or many other series out there that somehow found a way to get more episodes made despite them initially being given the pink-slip. Sometimes, another network picks them up; in the case of Timeless, NBC just issued a mea culpa and decided that they were better off bringing the show back on the air.

This brings us to the case of Sweet/Viciousa beloved series that MTV issued a cancellation to earlier this year. Its ratings were poor, but the audience that found it did happen to love it. The main issue here is that there needs to be more viewers out there who find it and experience it.

Luckily, some of the folks behind the scenes are working ever still to try to make that happening. Speaking per Entertainment Weekly while at the ATX Television Festival recently, executive producer Stacey Sher indicated that she is doing everything in her power, along with the other producers, to find the show a new home:

“MTV killed us slowly and not so kindly, but they said if you could find a studio that will partner, we’ll go forward, which didn’t happen,” executive producer Stacey Sher said. “We found four studios, so all we really need is a network right now. We’re still incredibly hopeful. [MTV] has been very gracious and have kind of said that they’ll make it very easy for us. They were very proud of the show and many people there, most of whom are no longer there, contributed greatly to the show. They went through a lot of regime changes and it was challenging.

“We’re fighters … We hope it’s not only 10 episodes.”

One of the things really going for Sweet/Vicious is that the show is still pretty early in its run, and with that there are other networks that could market it almost as though it’s a show of their own. Given the edgy subject matter of a couple of college student turned vigilantes, it feels like this would perfect for a Netflix or an Amazon, who aren’t afraid to tackle serious material. If it did land on one of those places, odds are that it would also find an audience. Unfortunately, it’s just getting harder and harder to produce socially-relevant material on a platform where people are told that they have to sit through commercials.

If there is some other news on the future of Sweet/Vicious, we will have it for you here at the site. Stay tuned! (Photo: MTV.)

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