Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4: What’s next for Benedict Arnold?

One week from today, Turn: Washington’s Spies season 4 will premiere on AMC, and with that of course comes a wide array of drama, intrigue, and hopefully building towards what should be a very epic conclusion to the series. This is a show that’s already taken its time bringing you to the brink with Benedict Arnold making his move. Moving into the final episodes, you’ll see more of the end result of his actions.

The show is premiering with a two-hour episode that is starting next week Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, and in that, you’ll see Arnold do what he can in order to ensure that his new bosses are very much impressed with his abilities. Given that he is a traitor, he has to work twice as hard to earn the trust of his commanders and make sure that they know he is not up to anything else.

The synopsis below via AMC offers up a little more news in the wake of what is coming, and how Abe is going to find a way to keep his eye on the prize. There will be such an easy thirst for vengeance, but the most important thing here is winning the revolution. (Spoiler alert: You know what happens there.)

“The fourth and final season of AMC’s Revolutionary War spy thriller “TURN: Washington’s Spies,” debuts on Saturday, June 17th at 9:00 P.M. ET/PT with a two-hour premiere. The ten-episode final season opens with notorious traitor Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman) taking his revenge on George Washington (Ian Kahn) by rounding up suspected rebel spies to impress his new British commanders. Meanwhile, Abe Woodhull (Jamie Bell) and the other members of the Culper Ring escape Arnold’s clutches and unintended consequences compel Abe to seek revenge. For his side to prevail, he must forsake his bloodlust and turn his attention toward the one thing that truly matters: winning the war.”

The video below (first posted by TVOvermind) offers up more of sense as to what is coming for some of these characters as we see them struggling to prepare for battle, balancing relationships, and of course kicking butt and taking names. It’s a little too scattershot to gleam any details from, but it does paint a picture of some of the events that are coming and the overall aesthetic.

Meanwhile, share your expectations for the final season below.

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