Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 1 review: Dolls’ house o’ horrors

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 1 reviewOver the course of Wynonna Earp season 1, we got accustomed to the show, its characters, and the show’s signature tone: Funny with a side of violent and/or crazy. It suits the story well, as does somehow the idea of a woman who uses a mystical gun to send creatures / other beings to hell.

Over tonight’s season 2 premiere, we saw things get crazy from the get-go with an appearance of Reign Lost Girl actress Rachel Skarsten as a woman in Eliza with a very special connection to Dolls, who was … indisposed … for the early part of the premiere. That is probably the nicest way that you can possibly put this. Now, back to Skarsten. After a fight scene (one that somehow contained an underwear compliment), the two realized that they were better off working together in their efforts to mutually get what they want.

The fun that came with this story was seeing this new character team up with Wynonna in their shared mission to get Dolls back, while also hearing about her relationship with him in the process. All of this was super-fun, especially since there was a unique way to get Waverly (whose romance with Nicole was temporarily halted) involved by going undercover. It’s too bad that it didn’t work all that well, and the whole mission to find Dolls ended up in chaos.

Here’s the good news: Doc to the rescue! While Wynonna stuck back with Waverly, he took it upon himself to put his life on the line and try to bust him out. In theory, he was successful … but that was only the beginning of their story. What followed was all sorts of crazy since it showed more of what Dolls has become.

Oh yeah, Waverly’s possessed…

Her abilities are something that both she and the show are still working out, but they proved effective both in neutralizing the demon threat in there, and then giving Wynonna a chance to shoot the bad guy straight to the other side.

Speaking of shooting, Eliza also died … so much for her sticking around the show a long time. Eventually the gang did make it out of Dolls’ chambers okay, but now before Dolls clued Doc into a certain something that he didn’t quite feel like sharing with the rest of the cast. Also, what was with the unsanitary blood oath?

The real heart of the matter

You can spend a lot of time on Dolls if you like, Wynonna’s latest kill, or the disappointment of only getting one episode with Skarsten. The real thing to be emotional about tonight is Wynonna struggling over the death of Willa from last season.

After her emotional breakdown, we did have a Dolls sighting! He’s out and he’s back … or is he? Maybe his status is unclear for now, but there are some other issues present moving into the remainder of the season. For one, Haught clearly realizes how much is off with her girlfriend, and Doc did seemingly lie to Wynonna about his conversation with Dolls.

Final Verdict

Wynonna Earp is a show where one of its greatest strengths is ultimately rather simple: Its ability to have a rollicking good time. It’s not a show meant to be taken seriously at every moment; it’s Friday-night fun, and through that lens, it delivers in spades. Grade: B+.

Where will the Wynonna Earp story go from here?

If you want to see more, our simple suggestion is to head over to the link here! (Photo: Syfy.)

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