Halt and Catch Fire season 4 spoilers: Veep star Anna Chlumsky to recur

Anna ChlumskyWhen Halt and Catch Fire season 4 premieres later this summer, it’s going to have a rather notable guest star in the form of Anna Chlumsky.

AMC confirmed in a statement today that the Veep star (who is filming this show during her hiatus) will play a chief ontologist (or philosopher, questioning the nature of existence) by the name of Dr. Katie Herman. Given that characters like Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) on this show are very invested in such things as purpose and destiny, this role does feel perfect for this world. Maybe she will be able to push some of these characters down the road of either redemption or enlightenment.

In a statement discussing the role further, executive producer Christopher C. Rogers said the following:

“From Day 1 on set, Anna has brought a wonderful new energy to the show, that both complements and somehow even further elevates the work of our core ensemble … Anna brings a remarkable depth of personal experience and intention to this role, and we feel incredibly lucky to add an actress of her caliber to our palette even as we bring the series-long story of Halt and Catch Fire to a close.”

Meanwhile, fellow EP Christopher Cantwell added the following:

“We are huge fans of Anna. She’s transformed the character of Katie into something truly special, and it’s quite a privilege to have such incredible talent bring this integral role to life.”

Season 4 will pick up with Joe, Gordon, Cameron, and Donna continuing to work on early versions of the internet, and trying to see if they can bring their version of it into reality. One of the intriguing aspects of the story at present is learning if the writers will do any altering of history in order to make their characters successful, similar to how they did so with Don Draper being potentially an architect behind one of the most notable Coca-Cola ads of all time during the Mad Men series finale. That is a fun way to go; you do mess with history, but at the same time you extract a deeper level of meaning and significance. Thematically, much of the stories are the same as they would be in life.

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