America’s Got Talent review: Angelica Hale, Azeri Brothers & audition show #2

DiavoloTonight, America’s Got Talent delivered an episode that was all across the board crazy. You had a counting dog, some good singers, a great “mentalist” act, and Mel B getting a gold of what seemed to be reverse helium based on some of the previews.

As always, we’re here with you LIVE to break down everything that transpires. Be sure to refresh this page as the show goes along for some more updates!

Mia the counting dog – The best part about this was the music cue for “The Final Countdown” at the very end of the act. It is very impressive (especially the part with the flashcards), but there is something about this that could get VERY stale if we hear it one or two more times.

It’s talent, but it’s talent that does not lend itself to repetition.

Diavolo – It’s hard to know what exactly this was other than some architectural dance-themed act that seems to be born out of its founder being in an earthquake. It was strange and almost rudimentary in the set design, but there was something still interesting about the mix of dance and acrobatics. It’s different, and we’ll take this over your standard dance crew any day.

Chase Goehring – Really good singer / songwriter who should draw that serious James Mraz comparisons. He’s got a similar style both in terms of his music and the way that he can sing a mile a minute. He’s also got a pretty big social-media following already, similar to Puddles Pity Party last week. Consider him a threat if he makes it far enough.

Jimmy Slonina – One of the best moments in here was when Simon Cowell said “his partner is going to be weird” right before it turned out that he was doing a hand-balancing act with a blow-up doll. Can we say that this is still the best hand-balancing act with a blow-up doll in show history? Basically, he is the Dustin’s Dojo of hand-balancing.

Artyon & Paige – It’s really hard to be excited about kid dancers in 2017 when there are about two thousand of them who appear on this show. The difference here is that there was an attempt to play characters with this “Barbie Girl” routine. Have there been better kid dancers? Sure, but this was funnyand the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves very much. One of the more memorable kid acts we’ve seen.

Nick Uhas – We’re very much familiar with him thanks to Big Brother, and because of that, we’ve got a separate article worth checking out all about his audition over at the link here. Be sure to check that out!

Billy & Emily – These two have a reality TV history of their own performing on Britain’s Got Talent years ago. They were great then, and are excellent now. Their primary issue is that once you’ve seen it / been scared by it once, it’s hard to generate that same effect again.

Angelica Hale – This was actually hard to hear at times just because the audience was louder than her singing. She’s very good. She seemed aided somewhat by her overall charisma, but for nine years old she’s got a huge future. More than that, it seems like she seems to genuine like being on stage.

Azeri Brothers – These two were strongmen and danger acts at the same time. They are crazy, painful, and also rather awesome. This is the sort of act that you’re not going to see on any other show, and that is a big part of what makes them awesome.

Colin Cloud – NBC released the “real-life Sherlock Holmes” audition a little bit earlier this month, so we knew that what he was able to accomplish using a combination of deduction and mentalist abilities was pretty outstanding. More than his ability, what mattered most for Colin was his ability to work and entertain the entire crowd.

Mandy Harvey – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer! Read more about her and her amazing story now over at the link here.

Want to get some other news when it comes to America’s Got Talent, just be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: NBC.)

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