Ink Master season 9 spotlight: Meet Danger Dave and Bang from Tri-Cities Tattoo Company

Tri-Cities Tattoo

Tri-Cities Tattoo Company is the final shop for Ink Master season 9 in our spotlight series, and to no one’s surprise, there is a great deal to go over here. Danger Dave and Bang, who are competing this season, are coming from a fairly well-known shop and therefore have the added pressure of knowing that a ton of people know about the shop and the work its known for. Yet, they also have to find a way to stand out while working together. While the two obviously have a working relationship, they don’t seem as close as some of the other contestants.

For more on how they could fare this season, be sure to check out the full spotlight and video below!

The story – Danger Dave is the more experienced of the two, but neither one of them is close to being the most experienced person this season. He doesn’t like to limit himself in terms of style, while she specializes more in photo-realism and doing some exceptional color work. Despite only doing this for roughly five years, Bang has some pretty awesome tattoos! They both want to show that they are more than their experience would indicate.

Their strengths – They’re going to be more versatile than some other artists, and there is probably an advantage that comes from them not being as close as other teams. It may keep them on their toes a little bit more, and allow them to be more independent thinkers this season. They may not also be viewed as threats in the early going and that’s always a benefit in this game.

Weaknesses – Here’s their big problem: Many of these strengths are depending on their ability to get along. Just in the video below Bang seems fairly outspoken, and their body language doesn’t indicate that the two are buddy-buddy. If they clash, they are going to be at a huge disadvantage to some of the other teams. They already have to figure out not knowing each other’s strengths as well as some of the other teams this season probably do.

Early prediction – If they can get it together and work well as one unit, they’ll do really well this season. If not, they’ll probably be out the door pretty early on. They’re one of the teams that does have to prove themselves more just because they don’t have that same sort of reputation that comes from decades of being in this business.

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