Gotham season 4: About the Harley Quinn theories…

Harley Quinn theoriesWas all of the Harley Quinn hype leading into Gotham season 4 deception, or was there something deliberate going on there? The answer may actually be a little bit of both.

If you think back to what everyone from the show’s producers to star David Mazouz said over the past year or so, they never said per se that Harley Quinn was going to be turning up with her bat or favorite hammer. Instead, the word “proto” was specifically used to describe the version of the character you would see — and if you did see her, it was brief.

So was Harleen Quinzel actually in the finale at all? Strange as it may seem, it does appear as though the answer could be yes.

Let’s go ahead and get out of the way for a minute the prevailing theory that Barbara is going to become Harley. Hard to see that. While there are some clear parallels between the characters, Barbara is awesome in her own right and has her own motivations as a villain. Harley never wanted to be a criminal mastermind in the way that Barbara spent season 3 being. The characters don’t line up perfectly. Meanwhile, the same can be said and then some for Lee Thompkins. It’d be a surprise if Morena Baccarin even shows up in a substantial capacity given the way that the third season ended for the character.

Here are two of the other prevailing theories going into season 4 that we’re hearing.

1. The TV screen – Near the end of the episode, Bruce Wayne looks at a TV screen with the headline of “Gotham’s Hidden Victims.” There is a girl present there, a few years younger than Bruce, who bears a slight resemblance to what Harleen would look like as a child. Given who she becomes, it makes sense for this to be her past. It’s hard to see how she could have a huge role in season 4 based on this, but this could be the Easter Egg that was hidden into the two hours. (Kudos to Reddit for this theory.)

2. The people at the end – Was it deliberate that some of the people who Bruce saved in costume at the end of the episode were young girls? Easily, one of them could become crazy after underdoing such an odds experience (plus living in Gotham in general).

Either way, it’s still clear that the whole Harley reveal was over-hyped for what it was … if it was one of these two things. The show probably would’ve been better off not really going here for now. It doesn’t really make that much sense to bring her on given that she’s younger than the Joker in the comics, and if Jerome is the Joker, Harley wouldn’t be Harley at all at this point.

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