Stana Katic series Absentia to air on Showcase in Canada

ShowcaseWhile there is no official American home for Absentia just yet, the news today is every bit as good: Our friends at Showcase have picked it up in Canada!

In a post on Twitter, the show officially confirmed that the Stana Katic-led drama will premiere on the cable network this fall in the country. For those unaware of Showcase, they’re a network that reminiscent in some ways of a USA or a TNT in America, and they broadcast a wide array of great stuff, whether it be Mr. Robot, 12 Monkeys, or even the CW series Supergirl. Their reach also extends outward to premium cable as the Canadian home to Outlander, which airs on Starz in America. They were also the first-run home of Beauty and the Beast for many years.

The great thing about Absentia airing here is that they’ve got a network partner in Canada who is extremely supportive — we’ve worked with both Showcase itself and their parent company a number of times over the years, and they’re great collaborators who care about the product. They will work to better ensure that Absentia is a hit. (There’s a reason why they were one of the networks we specifically suggested as a good home recently.)

What the fall premiere window means is that you will get to see Katic and company at roughly the same time in Canada as much of Europe, or at least the networks that are confirmed to be airing the show so far. Also, this means that we’ll be able to have better access to covering the episodes live given that we have TV home bases in both the United States and Canada. Selfishly, there’s a further reason to be excited about this.

Insofar as American networks go, we do still maintain that a USA or a TNT would be one of the best possible homes for the show if the goal is to have it out on the air this fall. Maybe you can also see FX working its way in there as a possible destination.

While we wait for further news about a United States home for the series coming up, be sure to share what you think about this news in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here for the latest news and analysis related to Absentia right away. (Photo: Sony AXN.)

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