Law & Order: SVU: Olivia Benson empowers victims to fight for their rights

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Olivia Benson helps solve some of the most hideous sex crimes on Law & Order: SVU. The woman offers comfort to victims and entertainment on the long-running NBC drama series. This well-known character is very deserving to be part of the women empowerment series based on television characters. Week after week, Olivia Benson empowers viewers. She reminds everyone there is no need to apologize as it’s OK to fight for your rights.

Benson’s job is to pursue justice, yet after all the terrible crimes she has seen she is still a very sympathetic individual. Looking to help victims by utilizing the resources of the New York City Police Department, she is a rights champion. While advocating for victims, she is also taking a lead to find the perps.

Olivia Benson’s love for life and having a family gives a glimpse of how important it is for women to have a healthy, balanced life. Putting passion in the portrayal, Mariska Hargitay gives her soul for this performance. Finding your path means working and searching for what you need in the world. It’s not necessarily going to show up at your door. Believing people will have the best intentions isn’t easy. A leader knows it’s a necessary belief if the world is expected to be a better place. As viewers have seen on Law & Order: SVU, sometimes you need to search for your courage to believe in the best of others.

Over the years, Olivia’s character has grown in the series. From working in the squad room to actually making decisions as the boss on the cases, her knowledge of the police work has expanded significantly. Today, when watching Olivia Benson on TV, fans see a female Lieutenant of the Commander Detective Squad, at the NYPD 16th Precinct. Remember, she started out as a Probationary Patrol Officer.

One element of her job that she makes a priority is her willingness to help others fight for their rights. She reminds us all that it’s unwise to fall victim, intentional or otherwise, as we live our lives. The only way to be a healthy individual is to combat every situation, even if it appears insurmountable or is an unforeseen incident. It is possible to have rights in every situation.

The fictional unit where Benson works operates out of New York City. The idea of finding the strength to fight for your rights has no boundaries. The empowering statement to insist on justice for all is powerful. So is a decision to pursue people responsible for their negative actions. Especially, when it directly impacts your life. It’s not a pretty endeavor sometimes – sitting in court, rehashing a horrible event or even pointing a finger at someone who did you wrong. Yet it is all part of unleashing the silence and finding your rights. As seen on Law & Order: SVU, the opportunity to avoid being the victim is necessary.

Olivia Benson lives in all of us

There is a little bit of Olivia Benson’s tenacity in every viewer. Women want to help others fight for their rights so the world is a better place. Plus, women want to be empowered to step up and fight for our own rights without being scared away.

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