Stitchers season 3 spoilers: What’s the Camsten story coming up?

CamstenWill the Camsten relationship get going on Stitchers season 3 following its upcoming premiere? There is reason to have some hope based on where season 2 left off with the characters … but then there is also that cliffhanger ending causing a quick reunion to be utterly impossible.

Given that this show is largely a procedural that will need to move on to other subjects, expect to see the state of Kirsten in stitch limbo to be resolved fairly soon. The premiere episode should help to unravel that in some pretty major ways; on that subject, series star Emma Ishta said the following to Entertainment Tonight:

“We’re still in the cliffhanger. [Kirsten] is still stuck, so the big question is, ‘how do we get her out of the stitch?’”

Here’s the good news — there are some mighty-intelligent people around Kirsten, so with that, they will almost surely figure this out. Maybe once she’s free, the Camsten relationship can get going again. Kyle Harris indicates to the aforementioned website that there are some interesting developments in the cards:

“This season we start to see them go into that relationship and how they deal with that in the workplace and outside the workplace.”

One of the interesting adjustments that the two are going to have to make is that you’re spending a great deal of time working together as it is; with that, it’s also hard to throw in there also spending so much time out of the office together. This is something that they may think they want, but will they be able to handle it? Signs point to probably, but this wouldn’t be a human relationship if there weren’t some bumps in the road along the way that they have to deal with. That may actually be one of the more natural things that they have to deal with in a show that is very unnatural in nature when you consider some of the things that are frequently touched on.

Final scoop – As many people out there may be aware of, Camsten is not the only interesting relationship to keep watch on moving into Stitchers season 3…

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