Sense8 season 3 hopes remain doubtful; nonetheless, fans rally

Sense8 season

Will a Sense8 season 3 story continue in some shape or form? Over the past few days, the internet has shown there is enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, enthusiasm often doesn’t end up leading to new episodes actually being made. There are a few unfortunate things to remember in the midst of the campaign following the series’ cancellation:

1. The show costs a boatload of money to make. The only non-canceled show on Netflix more expensive at the moment is The Crown, and it has the benefit of frequent awards consideration behind it.

2. Netflix owns the show, which means that if they’re canceling it, it’s rather hard for someone else to pick it up. Heck, Netflix itself is typically the place where canceled shows are picked up after someone else makes the decision to end them.

3. Netflix isn’t typically in the business of bringing back something that they already canceled. Maybe if there’s some unholy number of viewers over the next few weeks, it’s possible that they could change their mind, but it would take some sort of enormous movement (like some tweets from super-influential celebrities and more publicity from the media) for it to be even considered.

At this point, it feels like the best thing to hope for is that someone gets permission down the line to offer up come conclusion for the fans, whether it be in a novel, a comic book, or even some sort of short. With all of the money that Netflix has, we do wish that they would create something akin to a one-hour special for shows that they cancel just so that fans feel like they had a reason to watch for all of that time. This is something that will earn you so much more goodwill down the line, even if in the moment it hits the bottom line a little. You have to think in terms of the long-term as well as the short-term.

Maybe down the line Netflix will get with this idea if they don’t do it for Sense8; or, they will learn to gauge ambition better with some future projects so that their budget doesn’t get in the way of their cancellation. This show had a good audience, but just not enough of one to match the cost.

If there is future news to report on when it comes to Sense8, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: Netflix.)

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