The Flash season 4: How long should Barry remain in the Speed Force?

Speed ForceThe Flash season 3 finale offered up a cliffhanger, but it was certainly a different one than either of the seasons before it gave. In order to keep Central City from caving in upon itself, Barry Allen opted to enter the Speed Force.

Now that he’s there, the big question to ponder is this: How long will he remain there? Is this really a situation where the show will spend multiple episodes with Grant Gustin away from the cast?

Well, probably not. The thing to remember about this sort of show is that you want the cast together. They’re so strong as a unit that splitting them off for a lengthy period of time would be a mistake. Also, you have to remember here that this is a show that really burned through the Flashpoint universe in about a single episode, so there probably won’t be too big of a desire to keep Barry separated from the group for too much longer than that.

At most, maybe there is merit in doing two different episodes on the subject of Barry’s new predicament. For the premiere, you can focus primary on how the team at STAR Labs is faring without him, and then the team discovering a way to bring him back without having to send Wally, Jesse, or another speedster in his place. Then, in episode two you could see how Barry is functioning within the Speed Force, and eventually the rescue mission after that. Maybe in episode three or four you bring in the Big Bad Clifford DeVoe (who is currently being cast), and start to accelerate the story for the remainder of the season. The big thing to be excited about there is that with the casting process for this character underway, it seems as though the show is structuring this arc differently where we will meet the Big Bad earlier on in the story as opposed to having them under some heavy veil of mystery until midway through the spring.

New episodes of The Flash will premiere this fall on The CW. For now, let us know in the comments how long you think Barry will remain in the Speed Force.

Meanwhile, head over here in the event you do want some further news right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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