Ink Master season 9 spotlight: Meet Allisin Riot, Jessy Knuckles of Pinz and Needlez

PinzThe first thing to say about Pinz and Needlez in this Ink Master season 9 spotlight piece is that in many ways, they commit our personal cardinal sin of product and company names: Sticking a Z at the end of something as opposed to an S.

Aside from our own personal nonsense about product and company names ending in “Z”, what makes Allisin Riot and Jessy Knuckles interesting to us as contenders on this season of Ink Master is that they aren’t coming onto this show with the most experience, but they are the only all-female team this season and they carry with them a different experience than anyone else does. They have a bond that may be used to their advantage, as could capitalizing on their underdog status. Who doesn’t want an underdog to go home with the prize????

The story – Both Allisin and Jessy eventually found a home at this shop after struggling for a long time to find some sort of proper tattoo apprenticeship. They’ve also had some experience in a wide range of different styles, and they also know what it’s like having to fight for clients who may have been skeptical about working with them at first. This ambition will set them up nicely to take on Ink Master, which can be pretty cut throat.

Their strengths – The big one is obviously diversity, since between the two of them have done everything from black and gray tattoo work to new-school. They clearly have an eagerness to learn and try new things, and that’s essential in a competition that is constantly throwing different stuff at you that may frustrate other people who are a little bit more stubborn. Their fluidity will be a big help to them.

Weaknesses – The clear one here is their experience level in comparison to some of the people with twice as much as them. They can use that to their advantage sometimes, but ultimately more experienced tattooers have simply dealt with more in terms of clients and mistakes over the years.

One other thing that could be interesting is seeing if there is a further target on Allisin and Jessy following the strength of the women’s alliance last season making it so far in the show.

Early prediction – These two feel like darkhorses given that they have the ambition, the creativity, and above all the attitude to be able to do this. They’re probably not going to lose their cool in the midst of a tough challenge, and that (plus checking your ego at the door) is half the battle with a show like this. These two are the artists to watch out for.

How do you think that Allisin and Jessy are going to fare on Ink Master season 9? Share in the comments!

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