Hawaii Five-0 season 8: What could be Danny’s endgame?

DannyWhat could be Danny’s endgame on Hawaii Five-0, and are we even at a time just yet where we should be thinking about it?

The second question is certainly the one that is worth diving into as we start to move into a Hawaii Five-0 season 8, especially with all the “Danny’s retiring” talk going on during season 7. The future of Alex O’Loughlin past season 8 is unclear right now (we are hopeful that he will be back for more, but you never know), and one of the things that the writers did so effectively at the end of season 7 is offer themselves up a few ways in which the main characters could exit the Task Force and go on to do some other things should season 8 be the end of the road for the show. For example, with McGarrett he could face an unfortunate end thanks to his radiation poisoning — that’s a topic discussed further over at the link here.

As for Scott Caan’s character, he’s a man at a crossroads for a couple of different reasons. For one, he’s got the possibility of retirement coming up given that he’s been doing this for a long time now, and it is starting to weigh on him physically and emotionally. He’s lost people he cares about, he’s been kept from his daughter at times, and it’s clear that he wants to do some other things. The whole restaurant idea is still floating around in his brain, and the idea of Danny and Steve someday opening a restaurant together could be a great way of wrapping up their story in the event either the show ends or both O’Loughlin and Caan decide to leave. It’s hard  to picture just Danny or just Steve on this show without the other – there’s no bromance quite like it!

Hopefully, this is not coming up at any point in the near future, but at least the uncertain future is something that the writers are aware of beyond season 8 and don’t want to end up in a situation where they would have to rush an ending for anyone. The masterminds behind the show know how invested the fans are into these characters and would want to see a proper, well thought out ending for them and as we saw with the goodbye to Max, Hawaii Five-0 knows how to give someone a beautiful farewell.

What is Danny’s final legacy?

If he does ever choose to leave, what seems to matter to Danny more than anything else is that he’s remembered around the Task Force as a good dad, a good cop, and does everything in his power in order to ensure that bad guys are locked up. It’s hard to imagine that his story ends in any sort of tragic, unfortunate way; he’s certainly in a better position right now for a pleasant ending than McGarrett is, given that he’s not facing radiation poisoning.

One other thing worth saying here is that if Danny does ever leave Hawaii Five-0 the show, let’s hope that the character somehow does remain in Hawaii the state. The place has been good for him, and he’s in turn been good for Hawaii.

If Danny ever does leave Hawaii Five-0, how do you think that it’s going to happen? Share below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want some other news on the show, including how to vote for the show in our CarterMatt Emmy series for best drama.  (Photo: CBS.)

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