Arrow’s Manu Bennett openly campaigning for Deathstroke series

DeathstrokeBack when we first wrote about how it’d be wonderful to see Manu Bennett get his own Deathstroke solo series, who knew the love about such a concept would explode? We were far from the first person to consider the idea, but since that time there’s been a great deal of chatter about it from social media, and also from Bennett himself.

If you look below, you can see Manu explain what he feels needs to be done in order to rally to make the show into a reality, including tweeting to the studio Warner Bros. and Arrow executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. (We’d also add The CW to the list suggested, given that his version of Slade Wilson exists within this universe.) This is the sort of thing that there’s not any official conversation around at the moment, but who knows? With the right amount of attention, anything could happen — also, the idea seems like it would be pretty incredible to have a DC show within the Arrow universe revolving around a character who is darker for a change. Sure, you can make that case about Oliver Queen, but he didn’t stoop to the level of season 2 Slade brutally murdering Moira and forcing Oliver to watch? He’d be the only person ever fully hit with the “villain” label to his own show within this world.

There are still some interesting venues that you could explore with the concept, whether it be CW Seed, an anthology series, or something to just air between hiatuses. If you’re not going to make a full-fledged Deathstroke series, there is something appealing about the idea of The CW creating a show where every year they focus on a new character and tell a self-contained arc. Think of it almost as American Horror Story, except with each season you have a different character.

Last week, the idea of this was almost a bit of a pipe dream — now, it feels like something that could happen, provided that Warner Bros. got the resources together and realized that it was okay having a movie Deathstroke and a TV one sharing the limelight. Hey, if The Flash can do it, why not one of the most badass villains in the entire DC pantheon?

If anything more does happen when it comes to a Deathstroke series, you know you’ll here about it at the site! Stay tuned…

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