Shark Tank rankings: Basic Outfitters, Naturally Perfect Dolls, PDX Pet Design, Victory Coffees

PDX PetThere are two episodes of Shark Tank airing on ABC Friday night, and the first one is a repeat of an installment that first aired in January. Basic Outfitters, Naturally Perfect Dolls, PDX Pet Design, and Victory Coffees were the four businesses featured, and of the group some got deals while others were left to fend for themselves.

So where do these four stand now? Within this article, we’re doing our best to rank them in terms of long-term viability both in terms of what was on the show, and what’s happened with them superficially since the original episode first aired.

4. Victory Coffees – It’s a great idea to produce a coffee brand that is tied to military veterans and supporting that community. The big issue with the business even after the fact remains that you are paying just because of the brand. There is SO much competition, and nothing about the means that suggest they are different than many competitors. This is what makes it harder to rank it higher on this list after the fact in a sea of caffeinated beverages.

3. PDX Pet Design – In terms of effectiveness, the SHRU cat companion is a pretty cool idea to keep your feline friend entertained — provided that you have $100 to burn. (They’ve done a good job since the first airing of getting the price point down somewhat.) This is still a lot to spend on a cat town, even one that does revolutionize the way you play with your cat. Also, the LICKI brush is still a really hard sell to people just because the average consumer may not welcome the idea of pretending to lick their cat.

2. Naturally Perfect Dolls – There’s a case of good news and bad news with this company, with the good news being that they’re starting to get a foothold in a very competitive industry. The bad news, on the other hand, is that they’ve also found themselves almost too popular, given that you visit their website and many if not all of their dolls are sold out at the moment. It sounds per their Facebook page like the full inventory will be around in the fall.

Even with that in mind, you do have to give them kudos on their success so far. After watching The Toy Box it’s easier now to have a good sense of just how competitive this field really is.

1. Basic Outfitters – They are the best business by far from this episode, mostly because they seem to appeal to the largest total audience and mix affordability with necessity. Plenty of dudes out there need basic clothing like shirts, underwear, and socks, but are far too lazy to go out and buy them. Having a company that offers up some of these with very little effort required is a tremendous service that can scale all over the country fairly easily.



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