NCIS: Los Angeles: What would a ‘Densi’ baby look like? Pic of cute kid

'Densi' babyNCIS: Los Angeles fans watched Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks take the first big step in their relationship on the season finale. It was a spur of the moment decision that could impact their lives forever. Kensi Blye asked Marty Deeks for his hand in marriage. It was a moment that had many fans screaming with glee, after waiting for it for so long. The season ended, but the popular couple started their new path in life.

So what’s next for this officially engaged couple? Fans already saw a ring (or two) so we know the size of the stone. The future of Densi hopefully will now lead to a wedding and a family. Wait? Did I just say family? Like a baby? Ten fingers. Ten toes. A little human screaming? Yep, many fans (myself included) want to see a baby.

A ‘Densi’ baby on NCIS: Los Angeles? Boy or Girl?

Fans can project exactly what a Densi baby could look like. Thanks to technology, a look at how a child might come out between these two characters. Yes, it is a rough reproduction of the real deal nine months from now. How? There are websites who take pictures of couples, merge them together and offer up a look at a projected baby image. Why not TV couples too? It’s obviously for entertainment purposes only, but it’s still a very fun, unscientific way to see how things could evolve for Densi.

By simply putting Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks pictures into the online baby machine, a very cute baby image offers up a look at what could be in the future. (See the image at the bottom of the article, via Baby Picture Maker.) The baby has two eyes, a nose and a mouth, but this picture doesn’t really reflect if the TV couple is having a boy or girl. Weird, eh? I guess that’s why they have writers to fill in those pesky details.

Kensi Blye already owns a baby stroller? Yep!

Babies are rarely seen on NCIS: Los Angeles. What about a baby stroller? Well, that’s an entirely different story. There have been at least three episodes that I can remember (maybe more) that had Kensi Blye watching a suspect on a stakeout while pushing a stroller. Blye has a collection (or should I say the NCIS: Los Angeles squad supply closet) of baby strollers just laying around.

In the future, Kensi Blye might not need to pretend to be a mom just when on a stakeout. She’s always had a career focus during the show and at one point swore off love too. Then, Marty Deeks entered the picture. Perhaps she will lighten up and think about a baby too. Not to replace her career, mind you, to enhance her life. Women can do both successfully!

Just one look at this adorable baby image below could have anyone’s heart melt. Yeah, it’s technically just a random computer baby image of the future, but for now it’s how fans can envision Densi’s baby until the time comes that a real one arrives.

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'Densi' Baby

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