Should Criminal Minds season 13 offer up any Beyond Borders updates?

BordersIt’s already clear that Criminal Minds season 13 is airing on CBS for the 2017-18 season. Meanwhile, the Beyond Borders season is over. Its ratings couldn’t pass the test in season 2 enough for the network to pick it up for a third season.

While this may be the end of the show itself, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end for these characters. That is in part what makes the extended universe so interesting. The likes of Jack, Matt, and many other characters from Beyond Borders are still out there, and they are still a part of the FBI. This isn’t a situation where they just disappear into the ether, and it bodes a question: Have we seen the last of all of them?

There is something to be said for an episode of Criminal Minds season 13 bringing you a cameo from Alana de la Garza, Gary Sinise, or any of the other cast members from the spin-off. It offers up a little more closure on that show, and makes it clear that they are still fighting the good fight. You don’t have to include so many of them that it distorts the story of the original show, or keep it so that people who didn’t watch Beyond Borders are clueless as to what is going on.

As for whether or not this could happen, it’s probably something that is more up to the network than the actors themselves. CBS has to determine whether or not they want to remind viewers that they canceled the show, which they may opt against doing since it would remind fans of an unpopular decision that they made. Personally, it feels like a nice little gesture to make it clear that these people are still out there, even if they are people you are not seeing on a regular basis anymore.

The new season of Criminal Minds may, for the time being, also have some other priorities, including that they lock down Kirsten Vangsness and AJ Cook to new contracts that give them pay parity with some of the men on the show. Given that this is an ensemble show at this point, aren’t they worth it?

Do you want to see some Beyond Borders characters make an appearance on Criminal Minds proper at some point during season 13? Share now in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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