Should Arrow season 6 have a Katie Cassidy – Black Siren prequel story?

Katie CassidyThroughout the past week, one of the big features here at CarterMatt has been looking at characters within the DC Comics – CW universe worthy of their own spin-off series.

For the sake of this article, the focus is on something a little bit different: The idea of giving Katie Cassidy as Black Siren her own Arrow story. However, instead of separating this into spin-offs, there may be room to tell this story via flashbacks to the main story of the season itself.

One of the things that is appealing about Black Siren, beyond the opportunity to have Katie Cassidy around full-time as a cast member again, is the chance to play around in Earth-2 once more. You need the full cast for that. Through a couple of flashback episodes, you could see more of what turned Earth-2 Laurel Lance into someone who wanted to kill and destroy rather than be a hero and someone everyone loved. On that Earth, it’s already clear what happened to Oliver Queen. Yet, there are so many other Arrow characters who haven’t been properly examined just yet, whether it be Thea Queen, Sara Lance, Quentin Lance, or Tommy Merlyn. There are SO many opportunities for cameos in here, and you can do this in a way that makes sense.

Plus, one of the things that Arrow does well (and could do more of) is charting the trajectory of the villain. What was interesting about Adrian Chase / Prometheus is that so much of him is existing in the present. You kept expecting there to be some lengthy story on his history and his training to destroy Oliver Queen, but it never came to pass and the show was probably better for it. This time, the show would be better off to show us more of Black Siren’s backstory because there is some worthy stuff to touch on here in between her time on Earth-2 and her scramble after Zoom’s plan fell apart around her. The same then goes for Prometheus.

Beyond just seeing Black Siren as a major player in season 6, let’s also hope that somewhere along the line, the writers don’t just make her the sidekick for another big, noteworthy villain on the show. This was one of the big letdowns over the past two years: It always feels like she’s second banana and there are some many more opportunities out there for her to shine.

How much more of Black Siren’s past do you want to see on Arrow season 6? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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