The Americans season 6: Premiere date hopes for Keri Russell, cast

Following tonight’s big finale, when will The Americans season 6 premiere? It goes without saying that this is a big year for the show. After all, it’s the final season! This will be a chance to set into motion the show’s legacy, and deliver on an ending that is many years in the making.

The first thing that is worth doing here before anything else, though, is sending FX a big virtual thank-you card for the show lasting this long in the first place. This is not a show that ever drew big ratings or had a ton of Twitter support among big-name celebrities or other “influencers” (we do hate ourselves a little for using that word). This show survived almost entirely on the strength of devoted viewers, critical acclaim, and a network that knew that they would be foolish to let this show go.

Here’s what to know about The Americans season 6 for now: It was actually ordered more than a year ago when FX wanted to chart out the end of the series long in advance. To go along with that further, it is going to premiere in 2018, and run for ten episodes. That is a little less content than the past few years, but hey, it’s better than the six episodes for the final season of Game of Thrones premiering next summer on HBO.

There is no specific premiere date for the final season just yet, but it’s fair to expect the late winter / early spring once more given that this is the window that the entire series has aired in to date. One thing that has happened with this show interestingly enough is that there are probably more correlations at the moment between The Americans and present-day politics than there have been ever since the beginning of the show. While it’s not entirely clear if this is the sort of story that will make it into the final season, it’s something that is definitely interesting and almost clairvoyant on the part of the writers.

Whenever the show does end next year, it does feel very much like it will go down as one of the finest TV works of its kind in a rather long time.

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