Prison Break season 5 finale: Boss on that Michael – Sara ending

Prison Break season 5 finaleWhat happened by the end of the Prison Break season 5 finale? The biggest surprise is that other than that Jacob – T-Bag ending, there wasn’t necessarily anything that completely would devastate you.

Not only that, but none of the Big Three — in Michael, Sara, and Lincoln — made it out alive! There was a happier ending of sorts for the three given that they had a chance to move forward in their lives not have to worry so much about the immediate future. Michael got to spend some time with his family, and there wasn’t a huge cliffhanger for him.

Yet, in some ways it seems as though this was a part of the overall intention. After all, there is something VERY interesting about the show giving you a slightly different flavor with these characters than you’ve seen from them before.

In speaking about what happened over the course of the finale further to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Paul Scheuring had the following to say about if he created this ending out of a necessity to give Michael a happy ending, or a way to tease up what could be a sixth season:

“Neither. I don’t have any intention of bringing the show back necessarily, but after the end of season 4, Michael was technically dead so we always know that you can bring it back, so we didn’t have to have a happy ending just to bring people back. My feeling was that, in the way that the Odyssey ends with the man who’s gone through hell to be able to be with his family as a reward, I thought that was something never seen on Prison Break. So I wanted everyone to, for a moment, feel like life is normal again, because we’ve never seen that in the show. That makes the audience uncomfortable, which I like and moreover, we actually had a slightly different ending, but it ultimately wasn’t shot exactly how we wanted.”

This ending was indeed interesting and emotional, but it’s hard to imagine this as the end … right? We’ll have to just see if there is another story coming up down the line.

What did you think about the Prison Break season 5 finale, and some of the crazy stuff that happened throughout? Share below!

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