NCIS season 15: Should the show consider a Big Bad?

Big BadShould NCIS season 15 go in the direction of a Big Bad? In the wake of what was on other editions of the franchise, it’s possible.

If you think back to two other editions of the franchise this past year in NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans, a part of what made them so interesting is that they each had notable adversaries for the team to try to take on. In the event of the former, there was the mole and then eventually Tahir. Meanwhile, with the latter it was more Mayor Hamilton. These characters were both fantastic villains, and they brought a further depth to the show than what you do tend to see from a standard procedural.

Could NCIS benefit from more of a regularly-appearing Big Bad on the fifteenth season? Signs point to yes, whether it be the head of some terrorist group or just people committing some crimes and atrocities stateside. What made the Hamilton story so interesting was that it made Pride personally invested in saving the local community, while also helping some people who fought in the military in the process.

Granted, when discussing Big Bads here, it should be clear that we’re not just hoping that CBS brings someone on board for 10-15 episodes or anything. The best NCIS villains are the ones that show up for around five or six weeks, and find a way to build stakes anytime they show up — even if there is some sort of significant hiatus in between.

Hopefully, NCIS will consider some sort of enormous villain moving into season 15 given that this past season of the show was more about introducing some of the newbies. Now that the writers have done this, the time does feel right for them to introduce some faces in opposition to them. If you want to add some further weight to this character, then make them have some sort of complicated history with some of the characters who are already a part of the show — especially someone like Clayton Reeves, who we don’t know all that much about.

What do you want to see on NCIS season 15? Be sure to share in the comments below if you think that a Big Bad could actually be good for the show.

Meanwhile, head over to the link here to secure some further news when it comes to the series and its future. (Photo: CBS.)

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