Lucifer season 2 finale: Did Lucifer send Mom away for good? Plus, wings!

CharlotteFrom the beginning of the Lucifer season 2 finale on Fox Monday night, one thing was very much clear: Charlotte was returning to her old form. She was started to charbroil once more, and with her powers rising more and more to the surface, Lucifer and his entire family needed to figure out a way to resolve this hell of a problem known as Mom.

Specifically, they had to keep Mom’s plan from becoming a reality. They weren’t going to come to Heaven; instead, they were more prepared to send her back to Hell … in the most flattering way possible. As charming as Lucifer and Amenadiel may be, that doesn’t necessarily mean that either one of them is capable of turning this narrative around.

Lucifer was quickly tasked to go and take care of her, but what he didn’t quite realize was just how close to Chloe she was. The two parties were down at the Santa Monica Pier, and this was the one way that Mom could properly get to him. If there is one person that she cares about more than anyone else, it’s clearly her. This is why he wanted Amenadiel all of a sudden to properly give him the piece.

Unfortunately, there was one other victim leading up to the final showdown: Linda, who was attacked in the midst of some of her threatening and searching for answers.

The final showdown

Lucifer assembled the sword, and managed to have Mom right where he wanted her — in a position where she would leave the earth once and for all. She tried to convince her to give up the sword so that she could start things over. The problem with this thinking was rather simple: She wasn’t actually starting over at all. This was her going back to the past, the way things were.

This scene with Lucifer and Charlotte proved surprising emotional, since he had to figure out a way to convince her to make this move away from earth willingly. In doing so, though, she seemed to actually redeem herself in part. The “body” of Charlotte fell to the ground, and that was it it for the character as we knew her. She eventually came back, but in the form of the original Charlotte. She didn’t remember anything that had transpired or who she was before Mom inhabited her body.

As for Linda, the good news news is that she survived. Not only that, but her words inspired Lucifer to do something that he needed to do. He wanted to tell Chloe everything that he felt, but then he found himself knocked out and left in the middle of desert.

Want to look ahead to Lucifer season 3? 

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