Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 16 spoilers: The latest on Dark Aria

Dark AriaIn some ways, Dark Aria is a separate character on Pretty Little Liars season 7. After all, she’s very much detached from the Aria we’ve known!

Over the past few weeks, this side of Lucy Hale’s character has started to rise more and more to the forefront, with one of the bigger reasons for that being a sense of desperation and frustration with the whole A.D. situation. Aria’s someone who is trying to be more proactive, or this is the way that is easier to view the whole situation. Just remember for a moment or two here that it’s not really in this character’s nature to be entirely duplicitous with her friends. With other people? Sure, but it’s not Aria if she’s betraying the Liars for good. It’s hard to get behind that whole theory or many of the other ones proclaiming vast conspiracies that over the course of the entirety of this series, Aria was actually working alongside some of the Big Bads.

In comparison to some of what Pretty Little Liars has shown over time with Dark Aria to date, the preview below is relatively demure since it’s focusing mostly on Ezra trying to get her to take some dance lessons before the wedding. She shows complete apathy for it, and then takes off to work on some other stuff rather than listen to him debate it further. She’s certainly a little rude to Ezra here, but that’s the worst offense given. To analyze this further, this is most about her getting immersed into another world. Have you ever gotten so invested into something that in the process, you do start to lose a little bit more of yourself? This is more or less what seems to be happening here.

Given that this is still Aria and Ezra and their relationship is still a cornerstone of Pretty Little Liars, you do have to imagine that they’ll work through everything and be on pace for a wedding in the series finale. Along the way, though, it’d be nice to see Ezra help Aria in a fairly direct way, especially given all of the times he’s made life difficult on her. Just remember, for example, earlier this season with Nicole!

What do you make of this side of Aria, and the contents of this preview? Share now in the comments below!

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