Grantchester season 4 renewal not official; should it return to ITV?

Grantchester season 4 renewalGoing into tonight’s finale, there is some rather-sad news when it comes to Grantchester season 4: It’s not officially happening at this point. Is it something that could be in demand? Absolutely, but it is the bigwigs at ITV who put their heads together and determine whether or not the show ultimately should come back.

In speaking about the show’s uncertain future, series star Robson Green (Geordie) made it clear to the Express that while the series easily could “carry on,” even with fluctuations to the cast, the ball is it the network’s court to determine if it should ultimately be renewed:

“It’s always down to viewing figures, it really is sadly. 

“It is a secure entity now and it’s up there with the best of what ITV’s got to offer at the moment.”

As of right now, the series’ ratings are also in such a position that the show can be classified as firmly on the bubble. It’s not successful enough to make us confident that the series will be coming back on the air. Meanwhile, it’s also not doing so poorly as to ensure that it gets canceled. Completely on the bubble. This decision could come down to a few different factors over at ITV, including just how much network executives appreciate the series, what the story ideas for the future are, or how much money it makes in opposition to the cost. This is a network that has no problem letting drama series run for a long time, given the fact that Downton Abbey aired for six seasons and could have easily gone longer. However, this is also a network that has no problem handing down a quick cancellation to a show deemed as under-performing in some way. Remember for a moment here that Home Fires was kicked to the curb in a rather abrupt manner after just two seasons on the air even though this was a solid show with great potential to grow even further.

Let’s turn this over to you…

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For further news related to Grantchester and tonight’s finale, be sure to visit the link here. (Photo: ITV.)

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