Class finale on BBC America: First look at final story

Class finaleOn the finale of BBC America’s Class next week, be prepared to enter the land of “The Lost.” Sure, we wrote that intentionally to be a reference to a cult favorite TV series; to some, maybe Class does have the same appeal as Land of the Lost already.

What’s coming next week is going to be the series throwing much of everything seen so far this week at the protagonists all at once. It will feel like a scrum at times, and a heroic action-adventure series at others. It’s also going to do a good job of being relatable to other young people by tugging at the heartstrings.

For some further information now as to what to expect, just take a look at the official synopsis for the hour:

“The heroes face an impossible choice as they apply what they have learned so far to save the Earth. While Quill prepares to exact revenge on her captors, the friends are forced to fight Corakinus before he takes what he desires from April and Charlie in the Season 1 finale.”

Here is the bad news in regards to Class: The season finale also just so happens to be the series finale, a move brought on by the show’s poor performance overseas. Regardless of the future being unfortunately set in stone, this is still worthwhile viewing simply from the vantage point of showcasing further some of the interesting ideas that the show tried to bring to the table. When it was working best, it was ambitious, emotional, and focused on the chaos that would come for youth in such a dangerous, high-stakes environment. That is not something many other series out there have nailed.

Unfortunate, Class is ending quicker even than some other Doctor Who spin-offs have, but there is still joy in its existence. It told an appealing story, and given the connections between The Doctor and this world, it is certainly possible that at some point in the future, one of these characters could end up arriving and playing a role. There’s certainly nothing confirmed at the moment, but this is the sort of thing that the show would be keen to just drop on you by surprise.

Is there anything you want to see in the Class finale, and are you disappointed to see the show ending? Share in the comments. (Photo: BBC America.)

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