Bloodline season 3 episode 2 review: How far will Kevin go to avoid jail?

kevin rayburnKevin, Kevin, Kevin. So far (at least for us), Bloodline season 3 is all about Kevin and how he can take a bad situation and kick it down a hole. No one makes a bad situation worse like Kevin Rayburn. After watching the premiere, we are completely invested in what happens to Kevin and if Roy Gilbert can some how get him out of this situation, but with Eric seeing Marco’s dead body, it seems to only be a matter of time before Kevin is carted off to jail. Meanwhile, Meg has taken a dive down a bottle of tequila after both her brothers abandoned her and John is off basically re-creating the movie Adventures in Babysitting. The biggest wild card this season is Eric. He has seen Marco’s dead body and we don’t know what he’s planning on doing with this information. Police? Blackmail? Nothing?

After talking to Gilbert, Kevin decides that he’s not turning himself in (and we are sure that no one is shocked by this decision). Gilbert sends Kevin back to Marco’s house where one of his clean up guys meets with him. Together they go through the entire event, detail by detail so that the clean up guy can figure out whether or not they can make it look like Kevin was never there, or whether they need to work on another angle. We have seen murder clean up crews on other shows in the past, but they are nothing like this guy. Every detail is accounted for, not just the typical “what did you touch” questioning – we are talking about, where he may have dropped a bead of sweat type of details. After learning that there is Kevin DNA all over the place, the clean up guy focuses on shifting the blame of this murder on someone else. After seeing that Eric called Marco’s cell phone a billion times, he has his fall guy.

We said this in our review of the season 3 premiere, but it merits being said again – Norbert Leo Butz is outstanding this season. He is at his best when Kevin is at his messiest and in this episode he’s really hit rock bottom. While picking up the murder weapon to bring back to the clean up guy he finally gets a hold of John who’s on a bus to no where and tells him about Marco. Is this enough to turn John around or is he going to just run further? John tells Kevin to stop everything he’s doing with Gilbert’s clean up guy, stay where he is and that he’s coming to help him.

Instead of staying put and waiting for John, Kevin continues to make the situation messy as he goes back to Marco’s house, and gives the clean up guy the murder weapon. The clean up guy convinces Kevin that their story will be that Marco called him, he came to the house and saw Eric standing over Marco’s dead body. Kevin becomes very interested in this story they are spinning once this guy tells Kevin that they can even make him look like the hero that tried to save Marco (he changes his mind very quickly once he hears that it involves getting shot). Even though Kevin protests to getting shot, it happens anyway and he takes a bullet in the stomach. The clean up guy tells him that the story now includes Eric shooting him once confronted with Marco’s murder. With Kevin being fairly unconscious, the clean up guy dials 911 with Kevin’s phone and leaves.

After Kevin is packed up into an ambulance and rushed to emergency, John is notified of what happened and shows up at Marco’s house, clueless as to what happened. Our favorite reveal in this scene was seeing the clean up guy is actually the local coroner and this explains why he knows everything there is to know about what police are looking for in a crime scene and how to work with the evidence there. Brilliant twist.

Kevin pulls through the multiple surgeries he had to face and when he was coming out of anesthesia he told the doctors that Eric was the shooter, leaving John’s plans to get them out of this situation in the dust.

There was a lot of very demented stuff going on in this episode when it comes to Kevin. The idea that he was excited about coming out as the “hero” in this after murdering Marco was very dark. The show has been pushing Danny as the black sheep of the family, but what Kevin has going on has been way worse then anything Danny did. The one thing we were thankful for is that John is done with his disappearing act and is back with the family, because the dynamic on the show only really works when everyone’s together. Episode grade: B+

What did you think of this episode of Bloodline season 3 and do you like where the show is going so far? Leave us a comment in the box below. Also if you want to check out more of our reviews on the show, then you can head on over to the link here. (Photo: Netflix)

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