Shark Tank rankings: Nomiku, PetPlate, Nootrobox, InBoard Technology

inBoardTonight, Shark Tank is giving you an episode featuring InBoard Technology, Nomiku, PetPlate, and Nootrobox. It’s an hour with some interesting negotiations and deals, but it’s also one that ABC’s already aired MULTIPLE times.

Sometimes, we find it fun to do revisited articles to see where current businesses are in the wake of being on the show. Yet, this is something that we’ve already done with these products! Therefore, the article today (in preparation for a repeat airing tonight) is more about ranking where these businesses are, and what their potential for long-term success outside of the Tank could be.

4. InBoard Technology – In terms of “products that would be awesome to own,” this is probably among the top 50 or so in the history of the show. As far as practical products go, it may be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Does anyone need an extremely expensive electric skateboard? It’s only going to be useful in certain urban centers, and for people who work and hang out fairly close to where they live. It’s got potential for profitability, but in our view only on a small-scale niche level.

3. Nootrobox – There’s enough of a proof-of-concept out there for this and other nootropics to know that these seem to work for many people looking for consistent cognitive performance. The opposite side of that coin, however, is that they remain expensive for the average consumer and it’s a field that is fairly competitive these days. Of the products on this Shark Tank episode, it’s far from the most memorable.

2. PetPlate – The truth here is that there are a lot of people who are willing to spend more money on their pets than themselves, so money is not an issue here for this subscription pet service. The real strength of this as a Shark Tank product, and in looking at it after the fact, is that it offers multiple benefits to the consumer: It gives their pet a healthy boost, and does so with also convenience included.

1. Nomiku – Of all the products featured within this episode, Nomiku is easily the one that seems to combine innovation with practicality the best. This offers up a way to teach people how to cook in the sous vide technically, which opens up new recipes and ideas for its consumers. It also adds convenience both in that you can reach the product via an app, and it doesn’t require you to consistently monitor your meal at the same time. This is the product that, five or six years from now, we do see being the biggest success story from the episode.

Which one of the products in this Shark Tank episode is your favorite? sound off in the comments below!

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