Is The Blacklist new tonight? Early season 5 questions

The Blacklist logo any seasonIs The Blacklist new tonight on NBC? It’s a question that (understandably) you would want an answer to after a crazy episode last week.

Unfortunately, last week’s episode of The Blacklist just so happened to also be the finale for the season, and now the show is in the midst of a LONG summer hiatus. While it will be coming back, it’s not going to be returning until September most likely, when it will air in a new timeslot at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time.

When the show DOES return, it also is going to have a number of key questions that it needs to address, with the top of the list being why in the world Reddington opted to wait so long to be honest with Liz about how he’s connected to her. If he is her father, why not lead with that? What was the purpose of keeping that a secret? It feels like so many things would have been easier if that admission had come a year or two earlier, and it’s hard to think of a valid reason to hide it. Clearly, Liz was willing to work with him even when he was keeping secrets; maybe he was afraid that she’d resent him for the secret, but that didn’t seem to be the case at all.

Another key question is simple: How Tom will factor into the story now. He is in possession of the briefcase, which may contain a Reddington secret even more devastating than the one about his blood relation to Liz. If this comes out, maybe this is the thing that ends up severing relations once and for all.

There is one other question that we have that is very much based around Tom: How will The Blacklist: Redemption factor into the story? With the show canceled, it’s unlikely that The Blacklist proper will feature too much when it comes to Tom’s story with Howard and Scottie Hargrave. Hopefully, there will be something that ties up these loose ends, even if it is just an episode or two. For the most part, though, this show has its own mythology and issues to address.

What do you want to see on The Blacklist when it returns, and how do you want to see many key players involved? Share now in the attached comments!

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