Bull finale review: J.P. Miami, and many complications

Bull finale reviewHow far was Bull willing to go in order to win a case, and prove to J.P. Nunnelly that he is the best in the business? This was one question at the center of the Bull finale on Tuesday night.

Jason took the TAC to Miami for the final case of the season, one that also marked his second of presumably three partnerships with J.P. Nunnelly. Of course, one of the big twists there was that by the halfway point of this episode, J.P. seemed to be reasonably done with him. Thankfully, it was only temporary, but it did accent further one of the reasons why these two are such dynamic characters: They have huge personalities and are used to being in charge. As a result of that, they do tend to cause a little bit of trouble when someone comes up and challenge them.

The difficulties with the case at its heart were twofold. First, Bull had to find a way to analyze a jury without being able to look at them, which was a difficult task to say the least. Beyond that, Bull also had to find a way to get his client to cooperate and go along with another one of his complicated schemes. This one involved effectively tricking almost everyone to go along with a plan, even with J.P. being in the dark for a part of it. He managed to get the client off with a not guilty verdict all because one page wasn’t notarized. It was a technically, but that was effectively all that he needed.

Ultimately, here is where the next twist came about, as Bull then pulled some strings to ensure that when the real guilty party was arrested, J.P. wouldn’t be representing him. Therefore, he spared her any embarrassment, but did so in a way that she absolutely certainly wouldn’t like. She wasn’t thrilled to be left in the dark, but was grateful in the end.

The aftermath of the case

You can say that the Bull – J.P. relationship feels a little bit like an old noir, with the two dancing around the feelings that they may or may not have for each other. After this case J.P. was looking for a fresh start, but it wasn’t quite sure what it would be.

Final verdict

Another great case was at the center of the Bull finale, and seeing it unfold was absolutely entertaining. If there was a weakness here, though, it’s that much of the supporting cast was minimized to focus on the Bull – J.P. dynamic. If Eliza Dushku is brought on in a more permanent capacity in the future, maybe there will be a greater sense of balance. Grade: B+.

What could come next on Bull?

If you do want to get some further news about a potential season 2 premiere date for Bull, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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