Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Impeachment, Donald Trump, TSA


It was only a matter of time before Last Week Tonight with John Oliver tackled the subject of impeachment, especially in today’s climate.

While the HBO show is certainly rather funny and then some, there will be some out there tonight who find Oliver’s comments him effectively throwing some cold water on the idea of the President actually getting impeached and/or removed from office. There are so many things that would have to happen in order for Republicans to go through with it. Also, when it happens, it’s not as if there is another election that starts up right away. There is still Mike Pence waiting in the wings, and his views, as Oliver pointed out, are not exactly favorable to that many people out there.

One of the recurring themes of the show tonight was rather simple: “Is this real life?” In thinking over many of the political stories over the past six months following the election, it is fair to wonder this. He showed a number of strange headlines, and then some recent quotes that suggest Trump may be asking this himself, given that he appeared to be far more happy before taking office than after the fact.

Tonight’s episode was a little different than most others, given that it felt more like a series of free-form political rants than something as focused — this was fine on this occasion, given that this is the last episode for a few weeks and there was an opportunity to go off the rails.

Apparently, the main segment tonight was originally going to be about the TSA before the plans were derailed, so Oliver did his best to condense his spotlight on them at the end of the show. This was incredibly hilarious, mostly because of how quickly John had to run through all of his material. It may have been one of the most manic bits that he’s ever done, but once again, this was a rather fun change. We do hope that over time, HBO does release a longer version of this to get some of Oliver’s overall points.

Also, penguins. Tonight’s show gave you something fun in the end.

What did you think about tonight’s episode of Last Week Tonight, and the way in which it was different in terms of format? Share in the comments below!

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