The Blacklist season 4 finale review: Is Reddington Liz’s father? Suitcase mystery

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From the onset of The Blacklist season 4 finale, the walls were closing in for so many characters thanks to a number of different reasons: The presence of Mr. Kaplan, Julian Gale, and then also a Grand Jury. Gale managed to persuade a jury to hear the case against the FBI Task Force, who had been effectively complicit in just about every crime committed by Raymond Reddington since the events of the pilot. The goal? Trying to take down the higher-ups, which is why people like Aram had immunity.

When Aram did make it in front of the jury, he effectively bellowed out the truth as he and so many other viewers saw it: Reddington may be a monster, but his actions do in turn stop other monsters. It’s a moral debate; not one on a Dexter Morgan level, but there are times when it’s not that far off since the Task Force is enabling a killer to potentially kill again.

While the laws closed in on Cooper, he made sure that he wasn’t going to go out without a fight. He also decided to push harder than ever for Liz to know the truth behind one key question: Is Reddington her real father? He got her some of the evidence to figure that out, not knowing that Laurel Hitchin was actually able to cover up the case herself. She went in, shut down the grand jury, and that put Mr. Kaplan in a desperate position. Her immunity deal was in accordance with helping out Julian, and with the questioning over, the trouble for her began.

As for Gale — Reddington was waiting for her in hopes of getting Mr. Kaplan’s number and ending his chaotic feud once and for all.

The truth for Liz Keen

Liz tracked down Mr. Kaplan on her own for a private meeting, not sure if the Laurel Hitchin plan would work and if the Task Force could be free any other way. Kate offered her a chance to learn the truth; whether or not she trusts her is a different question altogether. When Red’s people tracked Liz and Kate down, she had a choice: Hear her “truth,” or choose Red and his associates. She chose Red, which led to Kate shooting one of Red’s most trusted men in Baz and driving away.

Kate only got so far, though — eventually, the entire Task Force and Reddington met her there, and were prepared for the showdown of the century on the bridge. Kate tried to blackmail Red into killing her, saying that it’s what he’d always wanted to do. He refused, saying that he never should have tried to kill her in the first place.

What did this do? Well, this triggered a longstanding Liz Keen secret coming out of the woodwork, one that could be revealed soon enough thanks to Cooper.

As it turns out … Liz seemingly learned thanks to Harold that she is Reddington’s daughter. She got an answer, and in the closing confrontation, he didn’t seem ready to deny it. As a matter of fact, learning this truth seemed to actually bring the two closer than they were previously.

Of course, there was ANOTHER twist beyond this one. It seemed like Reddington was ready for her to hear this result, and it may not be entirely as true as it seems. (Yep, this again.) Instead, he insisted that the real thing that he needed was the suitcase, the secret that Mr. Kaplan had on him. This was uncovered in the closing minutes by … Tom! Well, that’s a pretty worthy failsafe given his ties to Liz.

The final question is this: Should you believe that Liz and Reddington are actually related? Probably for now, but also leave that possibility for doubt in the back of the mind.

Other odds and ends

The relationship between Elise / Janet and Aram was in hot water after it was clear that she sold him out during the grand jury hearing. Samar tried to protect their relationship by keeping what Janet did from him; however, the truth still came out. After that, Aram and Samar Kissed! It’s happening.

Meanwhile, Ressler accidentally killed Laurel Hitchin after she tried to puppetmaster him, which leaves him in a desperate position.

Final verdict

This was a crazy end to the season. Great action, drama, and of course another big twist at the end. It does feel like a bait-and-switch time and time again with the whole mystery of Liz and Red’s relationship, but with acting this good, it’s hard to be upset. Grade: A-.

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