Big Brother Canada 5: Where Kevin Martin stands on winner rankings

Kevin MartinFollowing tonight’s Big Brother Canada 5 finale, where does Kevin Martin stack up with some of the other winners? The main focus of this article is all about bringing back the winner rankings, and finding his place within them.

So what’s the criteria? It’s fairly fluid, but it involves everything from in-game dominance to competition strength to social and strategic game. Another important factor in it is the impact of luck or external factors into the game.

5. Phil and Nick Paquette (season 4) – Credit to the brothers for managing to win out when they and Kelsey were on the outs for the final few weeks of the season. On the flip side, virtually anyone else within the final five could have beaten them other than Kelsey, and they were out of the loop strategically for a good part of the game. Also, at one point they wanted to put themselves on the block, albeit briefly.

4. Jillian MacLaughlin (season 1) – Jillian and Emmett formed an incredibly dominant alliance in season 1, taking the bulk of the Head of Households down the stretch other than when Gary won at final three. She did a lot right when it came to controlling the game; however, it’s hard to rank her higher when she only beat Gary because of Topaz screwing up the final vote.

3. Sarah Hanlon (season 3) – An exceptional social player who people just naturally liked. Having that in this instance was enough in order to overtake someone in Godfrey who was great strategically but didn’t make the same connections. On the flip side, she and Brittnee both benefited heavily from being well-liked by Canada, and the twist that sent Bruno home is still one of the most unfair twists through three seasons of the show.

2. Kevin Martin (season 5) – Despite entering the house with a big target on his back, he did an incredible job at finding ways to stay safe. The last time he was eligible to be nominated after the Veto was the Sindy eviction — this includes the times he won HoH, won Veto, and when Kevin saved him. He was far from perfect socially and made some mistakes, but he won a number of clutch competitions and was often reasonably aware of what he needed to do in order to win.

1. Jon Pardy (season 2) – Often with Big Brother Canada the best player doesn’t end up winning, but season 2 was reasonably close. Jon had a ton of help from Neda, but he was an incredible social player who could win competitions and generate such a positive vibe that nobody ever wanted to get rid of him. Neda handled some of the strategic thinking, but he was smart enough to take her out at the final three and ensure himself a dominant win in front of the jury.

Who do you think is the best Big Brother Canada winner to date? Sound off now in the attached comments!

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