The Blacklist season 4 episode 22 spoilers: Will Mr. Kaplan expose Red?

The Blacklist logo any seasonOn NBC Thursday night, The Blacklist season 4 episode 22 will cap off the season, and hopefully reveal plenty of secrets. One of the biggest ones is simple: Will Raymond Reddington’s secret finally come out? It’s been a defining part of the entire series to date, and we’re inching ever closer to all being revealed.

In the sneak peek below (via TV Guide), Mr. Kaplan herself makes the offer to Liz Keen that she can clear up the confusion one and for all. She makes it clear that she knows the truth regarding why Reddington is so desperate to protect her, and why he is willing to do everything in his power in order to ensure that anyone who comes across as a rival is taken out. Kaplan can make all of that go away, and all it takes is Liz trusting her enough to with her.

The heart of the debate moving into the finale is actually very simple: Is Mr. Kaplan any better than Reddington? Does going with her guarantee anything other than more pain? If the choice is to go with the devil you know or the devil you don’t. Kate wasn’t always a devil, but the course of history and some of her recent actions do put her in that camp so much more than it does anywhere else.

In seeing up the big showdown that is coming over both hours airing tonight on NBC, the woman behind the role in Susan Blommaert offered up the following message:

“There are going to be some pretty great surprises in these last two episodes for the audience, in a lot of the background moments and the relationship. I think that it’s going to be a really good rollercoaster ride. Hopefully everybody’ll just fasten their seat belts.”

Further news on The Blacklist

One of the things that you’re especially going to want to check out as you await the finale for the show tonight is the EXCLUSIVE interview with Amir Arison. This serves as a great way to set up the episode tonight, and offers up a little more in the way of insight both for the show’s present and future.

How do you think that the showdown for Mr. Kaplan and Reddington is going to fare over the course of The Blacklist and its big finale? Be sure to sound off now in the attached comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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