Chicago PD season 4 finale review: Lindsay at a crossroads

Chicago PD season 4 rinale reviewIn the Chicago PD season 4 finale on Wednesday night, Erin Lindsay as at the core of almost everything. First, she had to deal with the challenge of potentially losing her job. Then, her mother found herself accused of murder.

When it comes to Erin’s professional career, she was forced in the early going to turn in her badge while awaiting the results of the investigation. The fact of the matter is that the review board wants Intelligence’s head, and are willing to do everything that they can in order to get it. Erin was the perfect scapegoat, just because she was so close to Voight and that’s who the review board really wants.

As if that was not complicated enough, then enter the FBI. Often when they get involved, it’s to mess around with the police and make the situation so much worse. In this specific instance, they used some of their own influence to do something simple: Offer her a job with their counter-terrorism unit in New York. They also had her mom in custody, as it appeared that more and more evidence was mounting against her after the death of her boyfriend. At this point, it looked like the FBI was almost using Bunny as leverage to get what they wanted. She had a truck full of drugs, and it was easy to hold her as a result of that.

The more Erin talked to Bunny in custody, the more she realized just how much trouble she was in. She claimed that she was far from the ringleader in what happened, but she still committed criminal acts. All of this caused Lindsay to make a big decision, and with that, she told the FBI that she’d work for them if it meant dropping the charges against Bunny.

The next reveal

It turned out that, yet again, Bunny was lying. She was far more complicit in what happened than she was letting on. Voight found out the truth, and basically told her that the moment Lindsay was in danger, he would bury her with the truth.

For now, it seems as though Lindsay could be saying goodbye to Intelligence despite what Voight knows about Bunny, but given that this is a show that doesn’t shy away from twists, odds are that she will eventually find her way back.

On a more personal note

Halstead, as Jesse Lee Soffer told us earlier in the week, made it clear to Will that he wanted to propose to Lindsay — even though the two parties aren’t even together at present. He got his mother’s ring, and then it was all about timing.

Jay found himself waiting at the bar for Lindsay to turn up at the end of the episode; unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Final verdict

As a whole, the Chicago PD season 4 finale delivered many things, with one of the biggest ones being a gut-punch of drama and personal cliffhangers. While nobody was on the verge of dying with this show, the writers still found a way to keep you on the edge of your seat. For Lindsay, let’s just hope that she finds happiness no matter where she is. Grade: A-.

Where could things go from here?

For some further news on Chicago PD season 4 and the road ahead, be sure to visit the link here. (Photo: NBC.)

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