Young Sheldon trailer: Will Big Bang Theory prequel tackle tough subjects?

Young Sheldon trailerWhile there will be an article up down the road featuring trailers for all of the new CBS shows, the focus here is specifically on Young SheldonThe much-anticipated spin-off to The Big Bang Theory is coming on the network Thursdays this fall, and it may be the most interesting addition to the entire schedule.

The first time through watching the trailer, it was easy to feel pessimistic about the show and it’s prospects — after all, this is incredibly different than the show that’s been on the air for the better part of the last decade. There is no laugh track, and this is a single-camera comedy that strips away familiar sets in favor of more real-life occasions.

In doing all of this, though, the series suddenly feels that much more real, and as a viewer, this show may give you in total the most realistic representation of the Big Bang Theory world to date. It’s almost heartbreaking when you paint the picture of Sheldon Cooper as an almost-tragic figure. Think about it. This is a guy who, from childhood, was ostracized and treated like some sort of a freak. His parents loved him, but they also didn’t understand him. He in turn didn’t understand them and their feelings on such things are religion and pop culture. It was a complicated childhood for him as a result.

Then, Sheldon loses his father, and in the present day he’s not all that close to either one of his siblings. His sister Missy hasn’t appeared on the flagship series in years. Meanwhile, his brother George has not appeared on The Big Bang Theory at all. given everything that this family went through together, you’d want to see them together more. There are two different ways to view the story of Young Sheldon at the moment — it’s either the tale of how someone who grew on to become a success scientist, or a story of how someone’s troubles of their youth ended up impacting them over the rest of their lives.

One thing you can say is that the closing moment of this trailer, where young Sheldon grasps his father’s hand at the dinner table, is enough to emotionally wreck you.

What do you think about the Young Sheldon trailer, and do you think that this show will actually be a hit on CBS? Share below. (Photo: CBS.)


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