Timeless renewed! NBC reverses cancellation, to air in 2018

Timeless renewedHow about this for one of the biggest surprises of the year? Timeless is no longer canceled despite it looking that way days ago.

In a post on Twitter, none other than show executive producer Eric Kripke confirmed that the NBC show will be returning despite their previous decision. It’s glorious news, and it’s also a testament to the massive support base who fought to keep the show alive after the news first broke of NBC dropping the guillotine on it. There will be ten episodes over the course of season 2, and it will premiere at some point in 2018. It could be the spring, or it could be the summer — it’s a little early to tell and it could depend heavily on what happens with some of the other programming at the network.

Regardless of the timing of the new episodes, this constitutes little other than a major victory for the show’s fans, and also for the entire science fiction genre as a whole.

This renewal also is further proof that live+same day ratings are no longer the only thing that matters when it comes to keeping a show around. While the ratings for Timeless struggled in this measure at the end of the season, it produced fantastic numbers after the fact, and was ranked higher than the majority of other network scripted shows when you took all of the data into account. Add to that international popularity and some devoted fans, and there is a great reason to think that season 2 will be successful and could lead to even more stories down the line.

As viewers of the show, the priority now has to be finding a way to secure more viewers for many years to come. Tell friends, family, and anyone else to go watch the first season of the show and get hooked on it. Sixteen episodes isn’t so much that it’s impossible to catch up, and with the story now in a groove it feels fair to think that the story is going to become more and more intense / exciting from here.

What sort of thoughts / reactions are going through your head right now about Timeless getting the surprise renewal? Share in the comments below! (Photo: NBC.)

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