The Blacklist season 4 spoilers: The aftermath of Gale going rogue

The Blacklist logo any seasonWho would’ve assumed that there would be two main adversaries going into the final episodes of The Blacklist season 4, or that both of them would be anywhere near as interesting as they are. What makes the combo platter of Gale and Mr. Kaplan work is that neither one of them in theory is all that evil. The two parties are operating through the lens of what they perceive to be right.

While Mr. Kaplan may be more corrupted and off the rails now, her original intention was to punish Reddington and earn some measure of revenge for what he was doing to Liz Keen. Meanwhile, when it comes to Gale, he wants justice. He realizes that something is wrong with working with Reddington and wants to see it end. In so many ways, you can argue now that he is the most normal character on the entire show, though his inability to think beyond the linear sense of black and white could end up resulting in his undoing.

Interested in some additional insight into what is coming with Gale in particular? Executive producer Jon Bokenkamp laid out a very fascinating teaser on the subject to Entertainment Weekly recently:

“He’s obviously hip to what’s going on with our team. He’s hellbent on not only bringing down Reddington, but taking down anybody who stands in the way, and he’s going to find help from an unexpected ally.”

Could there be a traitor in the Task Force? Maybe someone comes to their senses and realizes that Gale is a way to escape the Reddingtron trap once and for all. Or, maybe they are able to orchestrate some sort of immunity deal where they remain clear of trouble, even though some other people are firmly entrenched in it.

These final two episodes of The Blacklist on NBC should introduce some interesting discussion points about what is right and what is wrong. Also, they should set the stage for an amazing, fascinating stretch moving forward into season 5 now that the show officially is renewed. Given this show, a cliffhanger is always possible, though it is every bit as likely that what you end up seeing instead is an emotional reveal for Liz and Reddington that leaves you on the edge of your seat, wondering what is coming up.

How do you think that Gale factors into the Blacklist season 4 finale? Sound off now in the comments!

(Photo: NBC.)

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