The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere date: Speculation and more

The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere dateWhen is The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere date going to be? Through the scope of this article, the goal is to pin that down.

The first thing to consider is that there are two more seasons for the show on tape for CBS. Seasons 11 and 12 were ordered earlier this spring following intense, lengthy negotiations with the cast. The show remains the most-watched and top-rated comedy on television, and is dominant in syndication. There was no concern that negotiations would go the other way towards cancellation. As long as it remains profitable and the cast enjoys making it, The Big Bang Theory will remain on the air. For now, hope remains beyond season 12.

In getting back to the root of this article, signs point to a season 11 premiere date in late September. The specifics of said date are murkier than with many other shows. For the past several years, the presence of Thursday Night Football clouded Thursday-night programming and relegated The Big Bang Theory over to Monday nights for several weeks. Signs point to this being the case once more this year, provided that NBC and CBS do not flip things around from the previous arrangement. The earliest foreseeable premiere date is Monday, September 18; September 25 also remains a viable option if this is marked as the official start date of the fall season. The series is firmly rooted in the 8:00 p.m. Eastern timeslot not matter what day of the week it airs; moving it is nonsensical given its status as a lead-in to so many other programs across the board.

As for expectations, the focus remains on the laughs! While relationships are often in the spotlight with this show, the viewership is there because they relate to the characters and find a sense of joy and escapism through their adventures. No matter the premiere date, the story, or the guest stars, ensuring that the comedy remains is essential. The longer any series lasts, the more challenges that are there in this department. The common risks are repetition, a lack of progression, or simply moving the characters into an unappealing direction. Kudos to the writers so far for finding ways to mitigate potential issues.

When do you want the Big Bang Theory season 10 premiere date to be, and what are your expectations for the new season? Share below!

Tonight’s finale review will be posted over at the link here, so be sure to check back it later. (Photo: CBS.)

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