Outlander season 3 notes: Further photos and trailer talk

Trailer talkAlliteration is clearly the name of the game when it comes to the title of today’s Outlander season 3 notes! Let’s begin with the trailer talk.

Alas, the waiting with bated breath shall continue for some time for the season 3 trailer; specifically today, the talk revolves more around timing. Earlier, Starz released the first trailer for Power season 4 (watch here), meaning that it arrived about a month and a half prior to its planned June 25 launch date.

Provided that Outlander season 3 premieres in September as planned, what this effectively means is that a teaser for the show could arrive in late July or early August if Starz follows the same model. Interestingly enough, San Diego Comic-Con this year begins on July 19 this year! This certainly makes the window work.

The convention (where the show will have a presence this year) is an ideal destination to premiere a trailer; another is a linear launch on the network itself, similar to what was done with the recent teaser as a means to get more viewers watching live. A staunch possibility is both a linear trailer release on the network and a behind-the-scenes featurette at Comic-Con highlighting the set, the cast, and the crew. This effectively pleases all parties.

Writing all of this down does submit us further to today’s new culture of building relentless hype for something like a trailer, which in turn, is meant to further build hype for a show. It’s all hype on top of hype on top of hype, but with a series this fantastic, hype often supersedes silence. It’s far better to cling to something than nothing.

Photo recommendations

A great venue for Outlander season 3 teases these days is none other than César Domboy, the actor cast in the role of Older Fergus. There are no spoilers, but his Instagram is a trove of fantastic behind-the-scenes shots. Many of them are quite beautiful, and offer up some further insight into life shooting a show in a different place such as Cape Town, South Africa. They encapsulate the feeling of being there as much as anyone else within the cast and crew. A great recommendation for fans who may not have seen them already.

All things considered, it is all quiet on the Outlander front at present, with production humming along leading to filming’s end early next month. Further updates will come your way before long — and on an almost-daily basis, no less! Follow the link here and stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we welcome your comments on this story below. (Photo: Starz.)

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